Your Imperfect Plan

There are some days in my life where everything has gone to shambles. I was late for class, I spilled my coffee on my clothes, I missed ten ground balls in a row, and I got in a fight with my boyfriend. Those were little moments in my day where I looked up to the sky and said “Really?!” Then the next day, I’ll have a better day because I forgot about the bad moments and focused on the good ones.

What about the times where the days feel like weeks? Or what about months? Where we feel stuck. We can’t move. We can’t improve. We feel the light at the end of the tunnel has burned out. Our faith is still there, but we are desperately looking for a sign. Sometimes God sends silent signs. The signs we don’t see until we look past the “bad moments” and see them as opportunities where God was standing there all along. Where we thought our daily plan was imperfect, when we missed out on the perfect Maker.

We will have disappointing days, but there will be something good in each day. There is a hidden blessing that we miss when we are looking for the perfect scene. However, Psalm 33:4 says this: “For the Lord is right and all his work is trustworthy.” This is a very simple statement that is often forgotten. All of the work He has done has been for a reason even when we think it’s going south. But remember this: all of his work is trustworthy! Sometimes you have to forget your own idea of a perfect plan and start trusting His.

One thing that is a hard concept to grasp is that we are imperfect people. I know, I can’t believe I said that. I am the type that plans her week on Sunday including daily schedule, workouts, and homework. I need those days to go perfect and my practices to be great, yet that is what I want. That might not be what my Father has in mind. I have to tell myself to keep my mind-schedule tentative.

Don’t allow yourself to feel frozen. God loves you too much to keep you where you are now. Keep moving under His guide. When things feel they are not getting better, know that is your plan and the Devil telling you that. Block out his voice and find God’s. We will make decisions that will fall under our imperfect plan, but don’t let that get in the way of God’s perfect plan for us.

Please remember:

  1. You are an imperfect human that serves a perfect God.
  2. You are not stuck. Not ever and you never will be.
  3. Trust God’s plan, always.