How to Stay Energized During the Day

Are you the college student who wants a nap everyday to stay energized? This blog is going to kick the naps out the window! I typically can make it through the day starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. while staying energized. Sometimes, I need coffee to help me of course, I am not a superwoman. Follow these tips and you will be able to make it through the day happy and end the night with a full heart ready for a great night of sleep.

Morning Routine

This is something I can’t stress enough! My morning routines are usually making coffee, showering, putting together my outfit, hair, and makeup. While I am getting ready I am either pumping myself up with worship music or a podcast. When I am finished I’ll look at the day ahead of me and walk out of my dorm ready to take on the day! If you don’t have a routine or feel rushed in the morning, wake up ten minutes early and make your bed. These ten minutes can be crucial and you won’t start your day feeling behind. When you make your bed right away you have accomplished one thing without walking out the door. You can come back to your dorm and it will look cleaner so you can feel relaxed.


Breakfast is important, it can be a simple cup of coffee with a granola bar, or even a banana. Put something in your body to fuel it! When you start your day with a full stomach you start your day with a full heart. When it comes to lunch time add some veggies or fruit. Always remember to add water to the plate. In some cases, if you feel hungry you are probably thirsty. Hydrate all day! Snacks are also really powerful. Try out some nuts, fruit, pretzels, whatever you like go to the store and get a supply of them with ziplock baggies and snack prep for the week!

Mini Exercise

This isn’t a 30 minute HIIT workout in between classes, this is a small five minute movement to get yourself recharged. If you need to get work done but are feeling like you need a nap, spend 20 seconds jump roping or jumping in place. Do this three times of 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off. If you are walking from one building to the other, take the long way around. Get a few extra steps and be present in the moment. Take a few minutes to think about what you are grateful for in that moment.

Change the scenery

If you have a spot that works for you in the library, that’s awesome. If not, find a new one for the day! Sit by a window or a cool painting. Find a space on campus where it’s still quiet enough for you to get work done while you feel content. If you are tempted to sleep in your dorm room when you study, don’t go there! Find a space that works for you everyday.

Taking naps aren’t always a bad thing, sometimes your body needs it! Find the natural things that can help energize your body, don’t rely on caffeine all the time. Remember, God is here with you. He can help you. Say a prayer asking for His truth to energize your heart and don’t let what seems like mountains get in the way. You can do this!