My Favorite Books

Summer is approaching soon and I thought you guys could use a few good reads. These books are my favorites that I have read in the past couple years. I have a good variety so there is a book for everybody!

A Simplified Life, Emily Ley

If you are a wife, engaged, or have kids, this book will save your life! I read it last year because it was so pretty and it helped get me ready for my future. I made mental notes for when I come back to it in a few years, but while I was reading it, Emily was preaching! She has tips on how to simplify your home, finances, and your daily life. It only took me three settings to get through this book and it was a beautiful read.

She Reads Truth Bible

This book is growing my faith every time I open it. This Bible has all the books you need plus more. Each book starts with a reading guide, timeline, and beautiful art sharing a verse from the book. Sometimes, they have bonus devotions! My favorite one so far is the first one. The devotion in Genesis tells us how Eve walked around naked before she ate from the forbidden tree, but we don’t know what size she was, the color of her hair, or her eyes, she walked with faith and awe of her Maker. As soon as I read that, I knew this Bible was going to change my life as a Godly woman.

Am I Enough, Grace Valentine

I can’t preach about this book enough. You guys, Grace tells us about the ten lies society wants us to believe but what we really should believe — what Jesus tells us. One of the chapters is “You’re Only Pretty Because a Guy Told You That”, what a lie that we all fall in at some point. This book will make you cry, laugh, and put the book down to pray. I read this book in one day. One day people. If you are a female, this book is for you.

Strong is the New Beautiful, Lindsey Vonn

This is a fitness book that teaches you how to become strong physically and mentally. I love this book because it takes you through her journey and how to start your own through meal prep, routines, and exercises. She even puts together a playlist for you! I love to look through this book when I am in need of meal ideas or motivation. Highly recommend this book for anyone who loves fitness!

Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis

I am currently reading this book and I love it so far! I recently read Girl, Wash Your Face and this one takes it a step further. Rachel is a great author because she is motivational and I literally laugh out loud in her chapters. I will definitely keep you posted when I finish it (it won’t be too long). Who doesn’t love a good book about setting goals and achieving them!?

I hope you guys found a book that you wanted to read. These books are great and I highly suggested following them on Instagram. Let me know if I helped you find your soul-book.

What books have you read that you are dying to tell people about? I am always looking for suggestions!