How to Have a Smooth Transition From College to Home

When coming home from college, you might feel overwhelmed. You could feel stuck or suffocated because you can’t just walk to the library coffee shop to get away. Or, you could feel the opposite. You might feel free, finally able to walk your dog or drive to your favorite hometown spots.

Things are going to change each time you come home. You could walk into a brand new home like I did. Your parents’ relationship might be different. There could be new ambitions and goals. Coming home will be different and exciting, here are a couple tips on how to settle in and make the most of your summer living at home.

Ask your parents for a grocery budget. I have a $40 budget each week when I go shopping where I can get anything I want to eat for myself that is within my budget. This is my chance to get snacks, fruit, the gluten free chips I like, anything. The one rule is I eat everything that I buy or my budget goes down. My advice is to plan for this! Pin some of your favorite meals, check out new recipes, and find those staple foods that you love.

Your planner is going to look different. No homework! (Unless you’re taking a summer class, which I’ll pray for you.) This means you get to put what you want as your priorities! This summer my three priorities are working out, work, and blogging. These are some of the things that I can do during school, but they are not my main focus.

After reading this blog, write down your three priorities. Plan for your three priorities. Love your three priorities.

The last thing, find some new routines. You could love your school routine, and that’s awesome! For the others, you’re on summer hours now. Which could mean a new sleeping schedule. Head over to the nearest TJ Maxx and find some cute night masks or lotion and treat yourself! If you are a morning person and need to start your day off on the right note, buy a cute mug and look forward to taking an Instagram picture with a coffee and Bible in the background.

Routines can be hard to fall into. Push yourself for a week and see how you feel after!

Priority ideas:

Journal everyday

Fruit smoothie in the morning

Daily devotion

Working out




No social media with coffee

Bedtime routine