Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

In the book of John, Jesus heals a man who has been paralyzed for 38 years. Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well. The man replies “Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I’m coming, someone goes down ahead of me.” (John 5:7)

Jesus then says “Pick up your mat and walk.” In just that moment, the man was healed. The man started to walk on the day of the Sabbath—a day, where, in this time, it was against the law to pick up your mat.

The man at the time didn’t know it was Jesus who had healed him but when the man went to the temple, Jesus revealed himself to the man. He says to the man “See you are well. Do not sin anymore, so that something worse doesn’t happen to you.” (John 5:14)

What a miracle Jesus did. He healed a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years; who had never stepped one foot in front of the other. Yet with one simple command He tells the man to “Pick up your mat and walk.”

What is your personal mat and what does it represent? Does it represent temptation? A sin that you can’t seem to break? The tongue of judgement? Whatever you are dealing with, Jesus is telling you to pick up the mat and walk.

My mat is comparison. I compare myself to other girls. My relationship to others. My pant size to the fashion bloggers on my Instagram feed. It’s a cycle I fall into all the time. I ask Jesus to help guide me to find my true joy in Him. The next day I feel better, but I need to keep fighting for it. Mine won’t be fixed overnight and I understand this.

Everyday I will choose to pick up this mat of comparison and walk towards the cross. When I feel like I can’t seem to move and I’m stuck, I can feel Jesus telling me to “Pick up your mat and walk.”

This is a mat you might have been carrying with you for a while. The man laid on his for 38 years. How long have you been laying on yours? It’s time for Jesus to breakthrough to your mat and tell you to pick it up and walk. Maybe you can pick it up and run towards Him in one day. Maybe your mat takes time and hard work.

Whenever you feel yourself in the troubles with your mat, remind yourself that Jesus heals. Jesus loves you and wants to see your mat in your hand while you walk with comfort.

You will be healed by Jesus. You won’t need your mat anymore. You will be rescued. Pick up your mat and walk today.