A Summer Check-in

How ya doing, friend? We are halfway through summer and it has been a weird one for Michigan. It has been rainy, sunny, muggy, and even chilly some days, I mean it is all over the place. Does that sound like you? Are you all over the place?

Do you have goals that keep going back and forth based on how you feel that day? I know I have been there. I was there last week. The purpose of this blog is to do a sister check-in. We are all in this together!

I just finished a book yesterday called “Chop Wood Carry Water”. There were 33 chapters with a lesson in each one. One lesson was putting principles over feelings. 

Some days we are not going to feel like going to the gym. Other days we are not going to feel like giving grace to those who we feel don’t deserve it. Sometimes we won’t feel like sticking to our tight budget.

But we put principles over those feelings we have.

Maybe your principle is going to the gym four days a week because it is your mission to lose five pounds. A principle could be giving grace to those always because we follow Jesus’ steps. The principle might sound like not going outside the budget because you are saving for something bigger in the future.

Principles over feelings.

It’s not easy. Feelings are strong, but principles are powerful.

Take this time to write down five principles you have for your everyday life. I will share mine with you:

1.     Thank the Lord every morning for the small things, big things, annoying things, great things, because He is good.

2.     Show appreciation for others.

3.     Go to work at the gym four-five days a week because I am strong and I have a mission.

4.     Make my bed every day, even if I don’t accomplish anything else that day – I accomplished making my bed.

5.     Smile in the highs and lows always.

It’s not easy to follow principles and put them over feelings. It’s going to be a mental check-in every time you feel yourself being carried away. In the end, it will be worth it.

You’ll end feeling better in the long run. Isn’t that what goals are all about? Feeling better in the future!?

So here’s the thing sis, wherever you are at, you’re doing great. Maybe this week didn’t go as planned in your mind, but His plan is so much greater than we could ever imagine.

Today is a new day, you can crush this. You can take your goals and turn them into passions – one day at a time. Work hard and hustle with grace.