Planning Your Week in College

As we approach our first few weeks of college, we are starting to feel the routine but not fall into it right away. Maybe you have your class schedule down but you are forgetting miscellaneous tasks. No matter how busy or tame your life may be, staying organized can feel so rewarding.

Here are the three things I make sure to incorporate my planner each week:

  1. Priorities
  2. Must do!
  3. Homework

I’ll take you through what my Sunday night or Monday morning looks like. I know my priorities for the week: group projects, Bible study planning, and working out. Of course class and practice are known, but what about my other priorities!?

Knowing YOUR priorities is so important. They are the things you need to have a successful week. Make sure you have at least three in your week that you feel are most important. Do your priorities include self-care? Reading your book for a book study? Accomplishing your missions?

Next, I write down my must dos: get my parking pass on my car, get my mail key, and laundry on Wednesday night for the team. 

These are things I can’t forget to do and they are small but mighty important. You may have more than three or less than three, but write them down. Incorporate them into your week!

Finally is homework. Some assignments are weekly so I know going into the week that I at least have one or two homework assignments. However, some classes you may have more homework as the week goes on. Make sure you write it down intentionally.

Every day college can be amazing or a struggle. You get to choose. However, falling into an organized routine can help with the hectic week you may be running into.

Whatever you get done or don’t get done, it will be okay. Take time to breathe and self-care. God will never let you fall apart. If you feel this way, run to Him and let Him put you back together. You got this, sis!