2020 Missions

As 2020 is in eight days (WHAT) I made a list of missions I want to accomplish. I say missions instead of goals because I plan to accomplish them no matter what road block lies ahead.

In my bullet journal, I made a list of missions in different categories. This helped me focused on different areas in my life where I want to see growth. The categories are: academic, fitness, blogging, CK Creations, self-care, career, and religious. I’ll be sharing one goal from each category!

Academic: 3.85 GPA

I know that GPA isn’t everything. I completely understand this! However, this is reaching for all A’s and one B. I have never been the 4.0 student, and I envy those who are. I wish I had a different approach freshman year but that’s why we learn from challenges we go through. I developed better study habits, which is why I want to continue them for this final semester.

Fitness: Run two miles

This one has been a dream of mine, one that I will complete in 2020. I am currently running a mile at the gym each time I go. This was a big deal in the beginning because I am not a runner. But I have goals and by reaching those goals I need to train myself to become one. This might take me until April but I will complete the mission!

Blogging: 500 followers

Numbers are not everything. The 500 number symbolizes more than just followers. It’s going to push me to write, push me to post, and push me to be fearless. The more I post, the more followers I will get just by reaching more people. I want to be real with you, friends, and this is a real dream of mine to reach so many more people out there.

CK Creations: Five more clients

My freelance company has officially begun. A blog will come out later to talk more about this, but man is it scary. My mission this week is to contact a new client, but I am scared! Fear of rejection, not knowing what to say, or not knowing how to answer questions. But as I keep my heart in fervent prayer, I’ll know God is by my side.

Self-care: Journal

This is a tip from Tanner Hobbs that she talks about all the time. I am so excited to start this one in complete circle. I started a little early, but it helped me with realizations through myself and God. I realized I was writing whatever my heart felt, and that putting it on paper had my mind at ease.

Career: Get a job

I have applied to two jobs so far, friends! I am applying to more but wow, this has been crazy. It is also scary. Making sure my resume is okay for the job, that I meet all the qualifications, or that my cover letter doesn’t have any mistakes in it. I am not sure yet where I will end up, but when I find out, I will let you know.

Religious: Once a week devotion

Now this might not seem like a lot, and to some it isn’t. But to me this is setting time aside once a week for an hour to spend time with God. The Bible app devotions are quick ones that I do when I have a few minutes, but I need to make sure I am giving my full attention to God for more than ten minutes. I want to grow deeper with the Father each day and to do that I need to manage my time around Him more.

While I was journaling this morning, God reminded me of something. If we put God first in all of the fear in these missions, He will set us free. He will set me free from fear and I will become fearless in His name. That is my true mission for 2020.

I hope this inspires you to make a list for 2020 missions! They are so much fun to make and can help you see your growth in many ways. Put your missions somewhere you can see them every day for inspiration. Never doubt yourself or your worth. You got this, sis!