Friday Faves (Part 1)

Hey friends and happy Friday! I am so excited for the weekend after this very long and emotional week. My softball team could use a lot of prayers as we have lost two very important people in our program. We trust in God and will lean on Him during this time.

During my ask me a question series, one of the responses was Friday Faves and I loved it! I thought this was a great idea to do every other Friday. These will vary between different types of things, but as always, I love your input!


I am currently obsessed with a venti iced blonde americano with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla and a splash of cream! This is the perfect order for that energy you need without a sugar overload. This is also very inexpensive for a venti size. Check out my story highlights to save it for the next time!

Jean jacket

My favorite accessory has been the Old Navy jean jacket! I have a medium and a large… whoopsies. This seriously pairs with almost everything I own. Not only that, but it is extremely comfortable.

Make up

For my birthday, my friend got me a beauty blender from TJ Maxx. Wow, do I love it. It is so soft and my foundation goes on smoothly. It’s been one of my necessities for everyday makeup!


My current favorite song is Way Maker sung by Leeland. I have this on repeat and it is usually in my head for a period of time.


As always, Jordan Lee Dooley is my girl. One of her most recent podcasts How to Get Re-Inspired When You’re In a Funk helped me with some more content creations. She also talks about how to clear her head and where she gets the best ideas.

I am super appreciative for all of you guys! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!