How to Navigate with Online Classes

I’m sure you are just like me and you’re online. This is a new thing for everyone who is in school and navigating through it can be tough.

I’m going on week one of Zoom classes and Blackboard updates every hour. I feel like I have twice as much homework than I did when classes were normal and things are getting more and more stressful. Here are some tips to help you navigate through these next couple months.

Plan out your work at the beginning of the week

This could mean Sunday or Monday depending on what day is best for you. Make a list of each class and the homework assignments with it. No matter if it’s a big assignment or communicating with your group, write it down!

Turn your phone on do not disturb

If you have a Zoom class online or working on homework, try the “do not disturb”. It can be really hard to focus when you’re not in a learning environment like a library or a coffee shop. Turn it on for an hour to two and get to studying!

Stay connected

Connect with students in your class to make sure you’re staying on it together. FaceTimes are great for talking about notes, lectures, or questions you have about assignments.

Learn your new routine

This could be a new wake up time, lunch time, or even sleep time. I suggest writing down all the things you want to accomplish the next day and then finding time to work on those. Here are a few ideas: homework, reading a book for fun, working out, devotions, or nap time. Find time for self-care!

Take walks

If you live in a subdivision this is great! Take a 10 minute walk after lunch or in the morning. Take 2-3 to really help your brain give it an extra kickstart. If you live in the country like I used to, try going around the house or up and down the driveway. If there is no place to walk, clean something!

Something that could take 10 minutes could help the next couple hours. I know this transition is tough, I’m with you, sis. Here for you if you need prayer or someone to talk to.