5 Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Motivation

Hey friends! I don’t know about you during this time but it has felt crazy slow. One thing that helps make the time go fast is through fitness! I have loved spending 30-60 minutes out of my day to keep my fitness levels up. I am going to give you five tips on how I’ve been able to stay motivated by working out at home.

  1. Hydrate

I have a water bottle next to me constantly throughout the day. I absolutely love having the metal straw with a rubber tip or my Starbucks plastic cup. I fill it up 3-4 times throughout the day with a half a packet of Crystal Lite Raspberry Green Tea flavor. This makes it a bit easier for getting my water in my system. If it helps, set out an app on your phone to remind you to drink water.

  1. Set goals for the day

If you know me, you know I have my list of things to get done for the day. One of my goals each day is to workout and if nice, go for a walk. My workouts consist of body weight or 3 lbs dumbbells and I still managed to burn 437 calories in 50 minutes on Saturday. You just have to be doing the right moves and the right amount of cardio. Keep your body moving!

  1. Get dressed/do your hair

If I am in sweatpants and a cozy sweater, catch me in bed. If I put on my workout leggings and a tank top, catch me working out (how about that). Put in a cute braid then snap a pic before or after to encourage your friends to do the same!

  1. Follow Instagram fitness influencers

There are a ton of influencers who are posting at home workouts. I will list my favorite ones here: @carterrosefitness, @_brittanylupton, and @lindseylivingwell. There are many more out there! Check out the explore page or the #workoutsforwomen to find some!

  1. YouTube workout videos

I did mine for the first time today, it was for real! It was so much fun and it felt like you were taking a free fitness class. I did a Zumba you can find here. If you search “At home workout” or “Bodyweight workout” even “Zumba” you will find so much helpful information there!

I hope these tips help you stay motivated each day where you can keep track of your goals. Make a list, drink your water, get dressed, and get to it!