How To Mix Up Your Coffee at Home

Anyone else misses their lattes? I had my first one yesterday since I left college and wow it was amazing! I was thinking about how I could spice up my coffee at home if I don’t have a latte machine. Here are my favorite ways to mix up my coffee at home from a Keurig!

Buy flavored Keurig cups

They have latte cups! If you buy a pack of them you can save them for your specialty coffee in the future. I love the french vanilla one! I would be open to trying different flavors. If you have any in mind, send them my way!

Add cinnamon

This little spice goes a long way. I absolutely love this in my coffee. It gives it that candle coffee feeling that you secretly want. The cinnamon goes with almost every single coffee creamer flavor too.

Add almond milk + cinnamon

If you are in the mood for a non sugary latte but want that extra flavor, this would be your best bet. Add in almond milk or really any other type of milk for a smooth latte experience.

Buy pre-made iced coffee

Starbucks makes really good iced coffee for an inexpensive price! I recently enjoyed the cafe latte with almond milk. It was only $5 (the price of a grande) and it lasted for a while! This is something that you can pour into a glass with ice for those summer days right around the corner.

Try a french press

This is a very inexpensive coffee tool that you can find at almost any store! There are a few steps to making this coffee vs. pressing a button but in the end, it is amazing. I watched a couple YouTube videos when I first got started. Now, it’s a perfect addition if you are hosting a Bible Study or need that extra boost for the day.

We will meet our lattes again very soon but in the meantime, these coffee tips will help in giving you the extra boost you might need during this time.

Let me know which tip was your favorite!