Friday Faves (Part 2)

It’s time for another Friday Faves! During quarantine it has given me plenty of downtime for online shopping, trying out new recipes, and of course reading!

In this Friday Faves I’ll be going over categories that involve clothing, coffee drinks, workouts, my favorite book, and a podcaster whom I love! Don’t worry, I’ll be linking everything!

American Eagle Mom Jeans

I got these jeans on sale and I think they still are! These are the comfiest jeans I have ever worn and they are so in style right now. I am wearing a size 6 in the featured picture above. I highly recommend these!

Whipped Coffee

This has been my go-to coffee drink when I want that extra kick in the morning. It tastes just like a luxury latte! I also just got a frother from Target and that has been a game changer for me from using my hand and whisk. Here is the recipe:

1 TBSP Instant Coffee

1 TBSP Sugar

½ TSP Vanilla extract

2 TBSP Hot water

Whisk or blend until whipped or foamy

Pour over milk of choice and ice!

52-Card Workout

I have shared these workouts before and I will share them again! All you need is a deck of cards to get your heart rate up. First, match an exercise with a suit. Then, draw from the deck and whatever the number is that is how many reps you do! Here is an example of a warm up:

Heart: Jump squats

Diamond: Jumping jacks

Club: High knees

Spade: Crunches

You can also do this for a burnout at the end of your workout. Let’s say you just finished leg day but want to challenge yourself. Here is an idea of a burnout:

Heart: Donkey kicks

Diamond: Air squats

Club: Side lunges

Spade: Curtsy lunges

You can do anything you want for these workouts and the possibilities are endless!

Sadie Robertson’s Book: Live

This has been my favorite book to read during this time. Side note, it is also the most beautiful book I have ever seen. Sadie gives practical tips and advice on how to get through something by relying on God and a fearless heart. She also gives real life examples of temptations that girls are going through right now. Such as, “Spilling the tea”, boy did that change my heart. The book is definitely worth it and you can find it almost anywhere. Here is the link for Amazon!

Tanner Hobbs: Chasing Freedom Podcast

Tanner has been one of my favorite women to follow on Instagram. She is passionate about the Lord and about gaining freedom from ungodly things that might hold you back from that feeling. Tanner also is passionate about fitness and having a healthy relationship with food which is also why I love her. My favorite podcasts by her are titled: Boredom Eating & Gaining Back Self-Control and Motivation, Inspiration, & Staying on Track. Check her out on Instagram and Spotify!

I hope you enjoyed these Friday Faves as much as I enjoy them almost every day! Have a good weekend and stay safe everyone.