The Comeback

There comes a time where your life falls into a lull. You are either running through the motions, not living up to your goal standards, or might be on autopilot. Yet, you are searching for your comeback time. This mindset is that spark you need to take back your life and start living up to the Godly woman that you want to be.

Everyone’s comeback is going to look different. Maybe it’s your fitness journey. Maybe you need to have a heart check with God. Maybe it’s cleaning out your mind with nonessential things. I’m here to tell you, sis, your comeback will be here. It will meet you when you need it most.

Mine started on a Sunday night. I told myself I was going to run the next morning and try to start it back up again. I have asthma so when I run in the cold or allergy season, it flares up more than I want it to. Yet, I was determined. I started my walk then began to run.

The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. However, six minutes into my run, it started to snow. SNOW. The crazy part is it only snowed for two minutes then it was back to sunshine. I knew that was God speaking to me on this comeback run.

In the Bible, there are many metaphors for being “washed as white as snow” meaning you are washed clean. Your sins are forgiven and God has redeemed you as clean. The fact that this run was a symbol for a comeback time and God made it snow, that seems to me like a pretty big sign for me to start fresh today.

Granted, I had an asthma attack shortly after .80 miles and I walked the rest of the way. My lungs were on fire and it took 30 minutes for me to regain my breath completely but the message on the run overpowered the pain.

God will show up anytime when you need it most. He showed up that morning on my run and revealed Himself through the snow. He will show up for you and give you a message. Run with the message and let it fuel your heart.

Here are three things that I learned that morning about comebacks:

Your comeback can happen anytime.

I didn’t expect myself to be that determined to run a mile. Even though it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, the fire in my heart was enough. This is a comeback, so you have to start small.

Your comeback starts with God.

I didn’t expect it to snow. The sun was out and it wasn’t freezing. The snow lasted for two minutes but the message will last a lifetime. My comeback begins with God and giving myself to Him each day.

Your comeback ends with you.

You have the power to control your comeback. You hold the truth to get out of bed and run. Your Bible is in the hands of you to open and let yourself be filled with God’s word. God will help guide you on the walk but you need to move your feet.

If you are feeling a comeback moment starting up, make a list of what it might look like. This could be a brand new bucket list or to-do list but map it out. This will help organize your prayers and mindset for the day you decide to take hold of your comeback.