How I Crushed My 2020 Goals

Well, I think we can all agree 2020 stunk. Like really really bad. I cried a lot over this year. There were some parts though, that kinda rocked. Some of those things were kicking my 2020 goals in the behind and getting stuff done!

Here were my 2020 goals:

  1. GPA: 3.85
  2. Run two miles
  3. Get 500 followers on the blog
  4. Five more clients for CK Creations
  5. Journal more
  6. Get a job in my degree
  7. Once a week devotion

Now here is how I accomplished ALMOST every single one.

I will be honest, I did not get a 3.85 GPA for the end of the semester. That would have been all A’s and one B. Unfortunately, I received 3 A’s and two B’s. I do want to mention that combined, I was 3% away from a 4.0. Those B’s were strong B+’s. Yet, I am still happy with how I ended my college career considering halfway through, everything changed.

My two miles were completed! I signed up for my Pumpkin Spice Latte run and crushed it! My best friend ran it with me and we had a time of around 35 minutes. Not bad for having not trained I thought. I wonder what my 2021 goal should be? That will be revealed soon!

This next goal, I cannot believe it. Without you, this would not have happened. I surpassed this numerical figure by doubling it and I am just amazed at what this blog has come to. Meeting new bffs, starting brand collaborations, and spreading the goodness of God. It really has been a dream come true.

Carlee Keim Creations has faded a little bit, but that does not mean I am not accepting new clients! It has just moved to the background of my focus, whereas at the beginning, it was my number one. I want to be a resource for businesses, and I still do! It has been one of my career dreams to be a marketing coach for small businesses.

Journaling has been something that is a good escape for me! I love to bullet journal the most. I am doing a few challenges where I journal and stay on track for multiple things. I love that journaling does not have to be static, it can always be changing which is neat!

I GOT A JOB IN MY DEGREE. Wow, when I say I love my job, I mean it! I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am at today. Although, I did not get the job in May when I planned, I was taught amazing things over the summer that brought me to where I am today. Looking back at those first three months, patience is what became my motto. I have loved the journey and I am so happy to say I made it.

The devotions are still going strong! I love the Bible app where I can easily do my devotion once a day. Other tools that have been helping immensely are She Reads Truth, The Daily Grace Co., and 100 Days to Brave. Those three resources were able to help me really understand the Bible and what it means to grow as a Christian in my position.

Now, I am sure you are wondering what my 2021 goals are. Check them below!

  • 75 Day Hard challenge (will start in May)
  • Rebrand of Coffee with Carlee!
  • Burn at least 400 calories at the gym each time (goal to keep myself there longer but also pushing myself)
  • Journal or devotion every day!
  • 100 books in a year
  • Start a YouTube channel

I am ready to crush these!