How To Crush Your 2021 Goals

Starting your yearly goals can be intimidating. Sometimes, you do not know where to even start or begin. This blog is going to help you so you do not feel overwhelmed when January 2021 rolls around and you have a fresh mindset of empowerment leading you into the new year.

Make a list of things you can actually accomplish

First, do not put down as one of your goals to climb Mount Everest if you know you will not be traveling this year or if you are scared of heights. It is just not realistic. Yes, goals are meant for you to push yourself in new ways but also you have to be able to follow through with them. One of my 2021 goals is to read 100 books in a year. Now, that seems over the top for me especially when I get really busy, but I know it is doable. I have an hour for lunch every day at my work and if I can spend 30 minutes of that reading, I know I can accomplish this goal. Make yours realistic where you can follow through at the end of the year.

Sign up for events or tools to help you

I would have never ran my two miles if I did not sign up for a 5k in October. During quarantine, I became close with my couch to 5k app (which I highly recommend) but close wasn’t cutting it to accomplish this goal. If your new goal is to go to the gym more, then get an app or buy a workout plan that is going to help you! For 2021, one of my goals is the 75 day hard which includes two workouts per day! I am going to need apps that help me find different workouts to do for at least 45 minutes. You can also sign up in Facebook groups or follow Instagram accounts to help keep your ideas inspired.

Start challenges with your friends

It is so much fun to have accountability with your friends! I started a challenge in December with a fitness influencer @gabsbalance who helped me stick to my 2020 goal of journaling more. It was a way to have a bullet journal tracking progress but it helped me! Find your friends that want to improve themselves and get to it!

Reach out to loved ones for advice

It is okay to ask for help. Doing things alone can be overwhelming and stressful and no one wants to see you go through that. When I come around to my 100 books in a year list, I am for sure going to be asking for recommendations! Using your Instagram stories, ask your followers for advice, feedback, or tips they have.

Track your progress

Tracking what you are accomplishing is so reassuring. Keep a calendar, bullet journal, or an app on your phone to literally watch you crush your goals. I know for 2021, I will be keeping track of my gym progress on burning those 400 calories. It will be a strong way for me to push myself each time I am at the gym. At the end of each week, you can see how you did. Where you reached it or where you need a little help.

Those are just my tips for right now! Follow along with me through the year and keep tabs on how I am doing! I would love to see you tackle your goals for the year 2021.