How To Manage Your Day

Hello sisters! Are you trying to accomplish your goals for the year but you don’t know where to start? Well, in this blog you are going to figure out three tools that are going to help you crush your days and in return, smash 2021.

Goals are a lot of fun to make for yourself. I love to categorize them into fitness, spiritual, hobby, and my professional life. This helps me keep myself well rounded to be able to have a healthy balance.

So what are these tools?

  1. Use resources to help

Some of the resources are already plugged into your phone. Such as the notes app! You can literally make this however you want. Add in your to do list for the week that is centered around your goals. Then, take a screenshot of this and make it your background for the week so you don’t miss out on any small action steps! Another route would be to get a “The Routine” journal. I love to fill this out each day! It helps me see my progress on goals and to have a meaningful day. The third option is to branch out and find a to-do list app from the store!

  1. Know your small goals to reach the big ones

Maybe you have big goals that revolve around going to the gym 300 days out of the year, read 50 books, and I don’t know, post a YouTube video. (Similar to my goals, I know.)

So here are your weekly goals at a glance:

Go to the gym 4 times this week

Complete book #6

Post YT video

Your weekly goals broken down:

Monday: Arms // 50 pages // Record YT video

Tuesday: Legs // 50 pages // Edit YT

Wednesday: Back + abs // 50 pages // Design work

Thursday: 50 pages // content prep

Friday: Glutes // 50 pages

Saturday: Walk // 50 pages

Sunday: Rest // 50 pages // Post YT

Getting to the detail of what you need to do every day can make it look like it can be accomplished!

  1. Actually make time for them

If you are like me, you love following people who live the life you want. The girls who wake up and make their coffee, do their devotion, maybe do a little shopping or some work, and then wine down ( 😉 ) at 8:00 p.m. Well, reality hits, and that is not how our lives work.

Yes, your fave Instafluencer may workout at 5 a.m. but maybe you have more productive workouts at 5 p.m. You could watch someone all day long on stories working on their favorite things at a certain time but that is not who YOU are. Find out what YOU like. 

My best friend from college loved to workout at 8:00 p.m. because she got the best out of it at that time. I am more of a morning gal and that was okay! I didn’t have to do everything my best friend did because although we were attached at the hip, we are not attached at the heart!

Do what is best for your heart and mind. Lift it up to God. Rejoice in your accomplishments. Love always. Show up with coffee and confidence.